Bride in Black

One of the first things she mentioned to me, back when her name was still Lauren, was that she is by no means a traditional bride. The design journey was long, from an ivory lace dress to a burnt orange jumpsuit to many ideas in between. Then finally, black. A versatile, black ensemble that she could also wear to a variety of events. Think cocktail party. Think a black tie event. Think of all the parties in between. Definitely something with pockets. And definitely Myunji.

We start with her wedding dress look – a lace bustier hand stitched with an assortment of black organza flowers paired with a full pleated satin skirt. The lace is weaved with silver metallic strands for that subtle shine. The flowers add texture and depth – a Myunji signature move. Each flower has been pinned and re-pinned many times to get the perfect balance in relation to her figure before being carefully hand stitched in place. Pockets on the skirt add functionality, and who doesn’t want to put their hands in their pockets?

The party dress is revealed after the wedding. The satin skirt is set aside, as she sets aside “Lauren” for “Moon”. A playful hanbok-inspired short skirt emerges from under the more formal satin skirt. Light and sheer, but still structured, the skirt is perfect for the after party. A suede ribbon wraps around the dress and finishes the look. The dress can be styled many different ways to suit different personalities, but we particularly loved the bad-ass boots that Moon wore with it.

Here are some of the photos I took of the beautiful pair. Enjoy!

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