Ladies of Curves Fashion Show 2017

Myunji is honored to be part of this pioneer show – the first in South Korea to showcase and celebrate women with curves. Held in Crown Hotel, Itaewon, it was a night where boundaries were challenged, confidence found, love for oneself re-established, and beautiful fierce personalities shone. In this post, we relive the moments – from being inspired with these women, to creating their looks, to rehearsal and day of.

The Myunji show starts with Casse, with her striking hair and easy confidence. She is an experienced model, sashaying down the runway to the beat of the music, setting the mood of the entire Myunji segment. Casse is wearing a fully beaded stovepipe top and skirt. One can imagine her wearing her beaded top with a pair of distressed jeans, or badass leather pants for a night out with girl friends.

There was an energetic friendly vibe when I first met Casse, over videocall to review her measurements. Her hair was what I noticed first. Brave, striking, no bs – those were my words for her. I wanted to dress her in something feminine but rich in hard texture. Something with a cool undertone to it, and she would lend her confidence and energy to the whole look. The cut is simple, the beading intricate. The lining a smooth flowy silver satin. The Casse Dress.

Amber’s blue hair and perfect make up had a striking first impression. She wanted a bolero done for cosplay months before the show. Her excitement was infectious and I found myself reading a bit about the character she wanted to portray. Fast forward to the fashion show where she once again inspired me – with her mohawk hairstyle, thigh high boots, that swag and all, and I’m sure many others who watched her on the runway were inspired as well. She had kind words of encouragement and empowerment for her fellow models and it is so beautiful to witness this woman lifting other women around her. 

Amber is wearing a sweetheart tube floral dress with a lace and floral jacket. The dress is made of sheer printed organdy, hand pleated and finished with a suede ribbon. The jacket is of embroidered wool, embellished with suede flowers and big faux pearls. The lace sleeves are gathered and cuffed. The sweet rebel Amber ensemble. 

Kiah’s long legs and pink hair inspired her runway look. Her skirt was initially a classic Audrey Hepburn mid-calf length piece. It didn’t quit fit the impression I had of her – quirky, playful and friendly. I decided to make a short pleated lace skirt. I wanted a bit of a school girl feel elevated with a dash of couture and party vibes. Something that would showcase her legs. The lace top is embellished with black and pink hand cut lace with beads and faux pearls – a homage to Kiah’s cheerful and confident self.

Lindsay’s dress is of delicate Chantilly lace, her skirt a flowy ombré silk chiffon. She glides on the runway, her skirt softly swaying, revealing her dress silhouette occasionally. She is poised and beautiful. Backstage, she is mostly quiet and reserved, but really funny and outgoing when she wants to be. I enjoyed chatting with Lindsay a lot and discovering our common musical tastes. She is a great friend to have and I am honored to create this look that’s inspired by Lindsay – a confident and feminine woman, graceful and classy.

I have many words for Moon – powerful, seductive, loyal, fierce, intelligent. I could go on and on. By now, you have seen a pattern. A woman’s hairstyle choice speaks volumes to me. And yes, Moon’s glamorous side waves drew me in when we first met. She came to the studio with a friend to discuss her wedding dress. She described herself as non-traditional, non-comformist. We had a few rounds of sketching, letting ideas evolve over the course of weeks. I saw a bit of her perfectionist side, and I appreciated this trait I had in common with her. As we saw each other more, I began to know her more. And the more I know her, the more I am inspired by her. I am inspired by the way she speaks her mind, the way she initiates intelligent conversation on relevant social issues. I am inspired with her talents – hair and make-up, that she so generously shared with other women at the show. I am inspired with her warmth and realness.

Moon’s look is a 3-piece ensemble. The satin fitted dress is overlayed with a chantilly lace piece, embellished with lace garlands. The sheer organdy pleated skirt shows her silhouette and finishes the look. The many layers represent all of Moon’s traits that many have come to love.

I imagine Liz dancing in the sunshine. She’s outgoing, playful and sporty. She’s like Alice in Wonderland and Sporty Spice to me. And when she told me that she loves tulle, I was over the moon. Here’s the perfect lady for my whimsical tulle garden dress.  The skirt is made of asymmetrical layers of pastel gray and pink tulle. The back trails and billows like cotton candy clouds. The slit allows for some silhouette to come through. The top is hand pleated and embellished with metallic lace and organza flowers. Her hair and cheerful expression, along with her energetic walk completes the story. Here is my heroine, walking along the streets without a care in the world. She’s going to the party of the season, with her boots and her flower bra straps. She might stop for a burger on her way. She’s singing a tune, a dance in her heart and she’s beautiful.

Last but not the least, our finale. Simple, reserved, strong and determined – these are my words for Jennifer.

I initially sketched sleeves and conservative necklines for all of my models before realizing that I don’t want to confine these women (and myself) with obsolete beliefs about curvy bodies and how these bodies should be dressed. I wanted to show that tube tops can work; off-the-shoulder pieces can be flattering; billowy skirts are okay to wear. It’s okay to challenge style tips from magazines. One is not confined to one dress style.

I thank Jennifer for her courage in trying something new. I chose a blush peach pink base lace for her, to bring out the natural glow of her skin. I love how her minimalist make up sort of clashes with the wildness of the embellished foliage on her dress. Beaded lace and organza flowers were hand stitched and layered one by one. The dress was made with as much determination as Jennifer has. We practiced her runway walk and poses for hours, and I admired her focus and will to perfect her poised swag. On the runway, her fierce and new found confidence shone. Jennifer ends the show with a twist, a graceful hand on her hips, and a triumphant glint in her eye.

It is such a privilege to know and be surrounded by many fierce, beautiful, kind and passionate women – women who stand up for what’s right, confident women, empowered women, women with genuine hearts. The women we dress have always been a source of inspiration for the pieces we make – their personalities most specially. It is always interesting to see how the strength and grace of a woman, or even her little quirks and unique gestures bring an ensemble to life and even lends the dress her soul.

Thank you ladies for sharing yourselves to the world, for being uniquely you without apologies! Much love from Myunji.

**Credits to the official photographers of the Ladies of Curves Fashion Show. Special thanks to Calisha and Rosemary for organizing this empowering event.

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