Myunji Profiles 2015

Welcome to the first Myunji Profiles! The annual Myunji Profiles celebrate the beautiful women who give life to a Myunji creation. It is after all the woman who gives personality to a dress. She breathes style into a creation and lends it her quirkiness, her bad ass and sass, her playfulness among others. The Myunji Profiles project aims to capture and immortalize Myunji ladies – showcasing their own favorite Myunji purchases with their personalities and styles. It is a fun afternoon of getting dolled up and playing model with friends in a one-of-a-kind photoshoot. Myunji ladies who participate will have their photographs framed and hung at the Myunji Studio. Participating Myunji ladies will also get digital copies of their favorite shots. The annual Myunji Profiles is also our way of saying “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” To you ladies, who dedicate closet space to our work – our pride and joy, our utmost thank you for the trust and friendship!

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