Myunji presents in the N.E.W. Fashion Show

A designer’s first fashion show is truly a different kind of experience. You are taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions – from anxiety to panic, to excitement and relief. Time is usually not on your side. Somehow, however much you plan ahead, you are still left scrambling seconds before the show. Unexpected things happening last minute can break even the steeliest of nerves. Like for instance, an hour before the show, the gown’s zipper breaks and you have to scramble to replace said zipper among a whirlwind of other things you must accomplish. You, of course, must stay graceful and cheerful. Nobody likes to work with grumpy, disheveled designers. You hide your panic, wear a smile, and appear to calmly work as fast as you can. Then your model is up. For a few minutes, all eyes are on your work – scrutinizing, judging, appreciating or criticizing it. No where does first impressions have more impact than on a runway. Ironically, you don’t get to watch your model strut down with your creation. You will be back stage waiting, with a wave of pride, excitement, and nervous happiness swelling inside of you. You go out and do a brief bow to the audience – a “thank you” for their time. After the show, relief sets in. You’ve survived the last three days, and now you deserve a cocktail or two! October of 2013 was truly an exciting month for Myunji. There was the first collection – our Holiday Streetwear Collection, and then there was our first ever runway experience. Myunji was lucky enough to be part of the N.E.W. Fashion Shows held at Rockwell Tent, Makati. The first weekend I made a purple printed chiffon backless dress fit for a morning garden party while I presented a long flowy teal evening gown for the next weekend’s fashion show. Here’s to more runway highs!

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